Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Georgetown County School District
Parent and Family Engagement Policy
Local Educational Agency (District) Policy

The Georgetown County School District has developed jointly with, agreed upon with, and
distributed to parents a written parent involvement policy that will address the following six

1. Involve parents in the joint development of the District’s plan and the process of school
review and improvement through a planning questionnaire, recommendation form, and
by working directly on the planning committees. This will be met by:
a) distributing copies of the proposed and final applications, needs assessment,
budget, evaluation, state and federal laws and regulations;
b) providing meeting space and staff availability for further regular meetings of
c) offering training programs for parents; and
d) reviewing other reasonable requests.

2. Provide coordination, technical assistance, and support to schools for effective parent
involvement, through the parent involvement coordinator, guidance counselors, and
Title I coordinator and to improve student achievement and school performance
through parenting workshops, home visits, and other methods that may be suggested
from parental contacts.

3. Build the school’s and parents’ capacity for strong parent involvement through:
a) at least one scheduled conference between individual parents and teachers each
b) the solicitation of parents’ suggestions in the planning, development and
operation of the program by sending a planning questionnaire to Title I parents;
c) requesting parental input by discussing the program of the current year, and by
allowing input by parents in the planning of the program for the next fiscal year;
d) requiring all parents, students and schools (principals) to sign a promise of
commitment (compact) to affirm their responsibilities as a team in accordance
with the Georgetown County Board of Education Policy JF-E (1);
e) reporting to each child’s parent(s) on the child’s progress by sending reports
home at the end of each grading period; and
f) providing training for parents on how to help their children academically.
g) providing information, programs and activities for parents in a language and
form that they can understand.

4. Coordinate and integrate parent involvement under this program with parent
involvement under other programs such as Head Start, the Parents as Teachers
Program, the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters, and State-run
programs through monthly meetings.

5. Conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and
effectiveness of the parental involvement policy to determine:
a) the effectiveness as to increasing parent participation; and,
b) barriers to participation as noted in section 1118 of the law.
Note: Parents will be given recommendation forms to indicate any barriers to greater
parent participation and to determine possible steps to overcome those barriers for the
next fiscal year. Minutes of any meetings and a summary of recommendations will be

6. Involve parents in the activities of the school served under this part.

7. Use such findings to design strategies for school improvement and revise, if necessary,
the District and school parental involvement policies.

Parent Comments
If the plan is not satisfactory to parents of participating children, the District shall submit any
parent comments with this plan as part of its submission to the State. Parents’ input will be
solicited in the spring of each year.

If you have any questions or additions, please contact LaTanya Goodson at (843) 264-9780.

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